Savino Veritas: The Accidental Prophecies of Dead Air (Dec 15, 2016)

Host Thom Savino laments about having to be on the wagon during Christmas in a song parody called “Liver” (sung to Joni Mitchel’s “River”), which leads in nicely to the beginning of a 1970’s comedy episode of Dead Air called “Joe’s Bar.” “Wasteland Playhouse” and “Mel & Collie Baby” (two regular segments of Dead Air) are featured here, with Thom and Frank discussing the show’s ability to translate humor from the 1970’s (with listeners aware of topical events and the culture at the time) to today’s young listeners unaware of that bygone era’s societal and cultural allusions. Dead Air’s regular character Dusty the Cameraman who “shoots” film of the radio show (because he’s convinced it’s a TV show) is recognized during tonight’s Savino Veritas as being something of a unwitting prophet as Thom points out that so many of today’s “radio” shows are filmed and viewed on Youtube. Frank further realizes, the show as a whole is weirdly, and remarkable prophetic as themes of political intrigue, assassination, massive flooding, immigration, conspiracies, and even “fake news” surface all in the finale of the Dead Air episode titled “Floods” which, in Dead Air type symmetry, turns out to be the finale of this Savino Veritas episode, too.

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