Savino Veritas: Valeant Effort (June 16, 2016)

valeant-pharmaceutical-wall-street-01 Valeant Pharmaceuticals CEO J. Michael Pearson’s raison d’etre was and is TO MAKE MONEY! One easy way for him and his fellow corporados was to buy a company that produced life saving medications for people with the otherwise fatal Wilson’s disease that sold for $1 a pill and sell it for $822 a pill. Hear about his “downfall” (which includes his $9 million severance package) and how his shady dealings brought down other Wall St. biggies of his ilk. Also hear the most repugnant “prayer” by Republican Sen. David Perdue of Georgia who this week prayed in public for the demise of President Obama, his wife, and children, and children’s children. But, in Savino Veritas style hear the “Prayer of Rebuttal” sealing Perdue’s fate as an eternal brown-nose. Finally, 13 yr. old comedian Lori Mae Hernandez trumps all the gloom of this week with an uplifting question about a certain presidential candidate.

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