Savino Veritas: SURFIN’ (the Net) USA

Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella reports on Carly Fiorina’s literal fall off an Indiana stage after introducing her boss-for-a week Ted Cruz at a campaign rally, then Sal reminds us that it is Cruz who would figuratively fall off the world stage by the candidate’s self-acknowledgement of the loser he is. Additional, Monella reports on bi-coastal joint-action suits against Quaker Oats because of the high levels of carcinogenic Monsanto ROUNDUP weed-killer found in 100% of the company’s oatmeal, and stoners’ confused glee that the “joint” suit may result in our government’s banning of a poison that they think kills “weed.” Host TJ Savino then gets serious about Veritas: The Truth and how when the people of an empire deceive themselves (Trump?) the empire falls. Finally, surfing the web, Savino shares Esquire Magazine’s “74 Movies Every Man Should See.”

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