Savino Veritas does its Taxes On the eve of the dreaded April 15, (2016) Savino Veritas characters Swami Salami, comedian Bill “The Bull” Testosteroni, and of course Veritas News anchor Sal Monella join host Thom Savino explore the roots of ​​our fear and hatred of the IRS. Hear also clips from The Beverly Hillibillies illustrating the Tea Party’s contempt for “revenuers” and government in general. This episode also features clips on Al Capone, Edward G. Robinson, Bob Hope, Tony Randall, and Doris Day. The show starts with Sal Monella reporting on the relationship of two bi-species consensual adult mammals (a human zoo keeper master and his tigress submissive) and their erotic training at a Toronto zoo, and another story on Yosemite’s pent up energy and the land mass’ need to “get its rocks off.”

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