Savino Veritas: Medicine: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

The host reads in its entirety a surgeon’s explicit and sometimes gruesome operative notes detailing Savino’s wife’s total knee replacement surgery all to the lilting strains of Arthur Fidler’s classic “Syncopated Clock.” But, the show starts with Savino Veritas’ resident news anchor Sal Monella reporting on the seemingly miraculous healing of President Jimmy Carter’s advanced melanoma and the GOP’s skepticism about the medical science and prescriptive drug responsible for the total erasure of the cancer. Then Mike Nichols and Elaine May are featured acting out their classic doctor/patient scenarios, but not before Henny Youngman rattles off vintage one-line zingers about doctors and psychiatrists. Also featured are Savino’s song parody “Liver” (from Joni Mitchell’s “River”), and the profundities of regular wise-guy Swami Salami.

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