Savino Veritas: Get Small, or Get Picked (October 26, 2017)

Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella reports on gun violence in America before host TJ Savino embarks on the narrative talking about his Father’s Day heart attack and sharing his letter to the L.A. Times regarding California legislation. An article about the mating compatibility of couples with political differences and their odds of creating a successful relationship is discussed before a Vice News clip about “The Progressive Liberal Wrestler” who plays up the distorted, stereotypical perception among Trumpkins that all progressives are gay to successfully stir up the ire of the loathsome Trump base already foaming at the mouth is shared. Keith Olbermann communicates, finally, a rare realization he shares with Trump about Trump that, “People really fucking hate me!” NFL kneeling protests, a German satire targeting America’s “Nonsensical Riffle Addiction” or “NRA,” is followed by an American satire on the same topic, and Penultimate Collusion Insurance radio spot are all included here.

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