Cotolo Chronicles: Season of the Switch [reboot]

LIVE, Thursday, Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. EST, HERE IS THE SHOW CANCELLED FROM LAST WEEK–a review of what television is offering in its new season. The definition of TV has changed so drastically that the wide range of offerings covers a slew of channels and new and continuing shows. We don’t offer reviews, we offer experienced TV history in league with the millennial mentality, the demographics and cultural foundations of fictional entertainment. Tune in.

Cotolo Chronicles is LIVE broadcasting on SRN from 9 – 11 PM EDT and is brought to you by Sweet Shepherd, a novella for your Kindle at Amazon. And by More Molotov Memoirs, the digital version, now at Blurb, only $5.99 and Man of La Mantra, the hilarious novella offering all of its proceeds to Fourculture Magazine, in digital format at Amazon, only $2.99.

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