Savino Veritas: Trump: A Special Persecutor (March 09, 2017)

Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella goes bacterial again reporting on Americans
​’​ commandeering Burger King’s trademark “Whopper” to characterize Trum​p​ism​s​; Kander’s candor with Jake Tapper; given supposed voter fraud by the dead, Bannon’s plan to allow voters to vote for the dead should Trump die before 2020; “so-called” chicken in Subway sandwiches; Trump’s seemingly compassionate one-day dispensation from his gender-neutral bathroom ban; and Caitlyn Jenner’s preference not so much pro America​n​, but to live a “broad.” Host Savino in his role as raconteur retells a true story about a mystical dream which serves as ​poignant ​lead in to Valerie Kaur’s powerful speech​ ​which recommends all Americans to “breathe and push” to a rebirth comparing the current Trumpian gloom as perhaps the “darkness of the womb,” rather than what seems like a “darkness of the tomb​.​”​ ​ Finally, resident guru Swami Salami returns with “Numbing Ourselves.”

So Called Sal

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