Savino Veritas: Country Trumpkins vs. The “Elite” (Jan 05, 2017)

Savino Veritas the Elite Tonight’s Savino Veritas embodies the host’s frequent sign off, “I may be joking, but I’m never kidding” especially with comic Bill “The Bull” Testosteroni’s stand up comic routine on the stage at Boffo’s in Brooklyn. Bill poses the question how someone like him, whose conversational interactions after heavy holiday dinners around the table often feature his family members avoiding the killer farts of Uncle Steve, are deemed “elite.” Also hear the original “Whose Wit & Wisdom” Game Show with host Smile Daly and judge Donald Trump. GOP Contestant Joe the Plumber who answers “Steve JOBS” for every question “wins” the plumbing job to install the plumbing at Trump concentration camps where the demagogue plans to hold Mexicans targeted for deportation until they’re expelled. The Daily Shows’ John Keppler interviews actual Country Trumpkins at a Nazi-like, so-called “Thank You” rally for the president elect and shows just how clueless Herr Trump’s supporters are. Sad. Finally, with no kidding, Keith Olbermann spells out clearly how the United States has been taken over by a Russian coup and how Putin installed his own dupe, Trump, as leader of the United States. Host Savino closes by asking listeners to download the pdf Indivisible so they can learn from former Congressional workers how to affectively petition elected representatives in order to take down the fascist regime currently taking hold.

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