Savino Veritas: Trump Drunk (Dec 01, 2016)

Thom Savino reworks an old Christmas classic transforming it into what might become mandatory signing into “Little Trumpet Boy.” Then Keegan Michael Key tries to put a smile on the blustery satirical “weather” forecast now that we’ve opted for leadership by a tyrannical, dictatorial, fascist. Before Thom shares Michael Moore’s post election To-Do List, he finds, surprisingly, a “Drunken Trump” (#1) sitting at a bar having had one too many (drinks, not votes). Then a funny commercial for Tic-Tac Temper Mints pokes fun at the Donald’s demeanor. Two surprisingly enlightening (and hope-giving) segments featuring American youth (Kids on Trump, then Teens on Trump) reveal authentic and keen observations about the president elect while they watch videos of Trump for the first time. Comedians’ roast of the despicable Ann Coulter is delightful and so, so tasty. Uncut audio of real Trump rallies expose the crazy hate his supporters harbor, before Stephen Colbert as Randy the “office manager” runs a test job interview for possible candidate Barack Obama. The Trump National Anthem segues us into “Drunken Trump” (#2) as the Orange Orangutan Man Himself inappropriately preys on women at the bar. Carly Simon sings, “You’re So Vain” under audio revelations of Trump’s pathologically narcissistic nature. Finally, making fun of Trump’s refusal to disclose his tax returns is Savino Veritas’ regular Bill the Bull Testosteroni.

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