Cotolo Chronicles: The Web of It All

Live on May 12 at 9 p.m. EDT, you are invited to journey with us through the ridiculous, foolish, derisory, fatuous, moronic, incongruous, silly, hyperbolic and risible Internet pages that either drive the sane insane or bring the insane back to sanity. For two hours that you will never get back in your lifetime, check out the trifling, meritless, otiose, meaningless, bogus, pointless, trashy use of the greatest communications tool yet to partner with mankind. This show comes with a warning: listening for any length of time may suffer serious loss of breath from laughing.

Brought to you by the e-book ‘Sweet Shepherd,’ Amazon, $2.99. Also by ‘More Molotov Memoirs,’ the digital version, now at Blurb, only $5.99 and ‘Man of la mantra,’ the hilarious novella offering all of its proceeds to fourculture magazine, in digital format at Amazon, only $4.99.

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