Savino Veritas: The White Shoulder of Dawn

In the second half of their live internet-radio marathon which started on tonight’s (March 3, 2016) episode of Cotolo Chronicles, T.J. Savino segues from being a guest on Cotolo’s show to a host on Savino Veritas. Chronicles’ guests Tom Martin and Jeremy Long bridge the two shows, too, continuing their rants about perceptions and social behaviors of millennials and how they differ from those of boomers. Tom Martin (from New Hampshire) and Jeremy Long (from “Lion’s Den Studios” in Burbank) share quips about the man many would like to #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain. Tom Martin reminisces and laments over host Savino’s first wife’s repeated and disastrous attempts at setting Martin up with single women in the 1970s. Tom especially remembers the night Savino’s ex hooked him up with Dawn the bartender in a Brooklyn mafia bar where he had to wait for her to get off her shift in a mere eight hours. Martin tells of how Dawn goaded him into drinking the whole eight hours to prove he was a man and how he literally fell asleep in front of the urinal in the Men’s Room while holding proof he was a man. Savino remembers that Dawn’s “White Shoulders” perfume used to drive him crazy and discloses how his then wife’s application of the same perfume resulted in no reaction from him at all. Finally, Martin tells of his visit to Donald Trump’s apartment, Trump’s wife’s disapproval of the kind of porn Martin’s company was offering to their hotel via cable TV, and his wise decision not to fuck Leona Helmsley.

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