Savino Veritas: Into the Mystic

Savino Veritas’ infectious news anchor Sal Monella goes viral with report about trigger happy McKinney Texas police officer who shoves a fourteen-year old girl’s face into the grass while screaming at her to get her ass down on the ground and Gov. Rick Perry’s wacky idea to generate corporate income and stop the ice caps from melting at the same time. Then host T.J. Savino welcomes Erin J. Morgart (aka: EMO) for the first ever back-to-back encore Veritas appearance along with Quantum Activist, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and ovate Mona Leigh McCrea (daughter of actor Joel McCrea). The three talk about “paranormal” experiences. Note: hear an entity attack the audio about one hour and twenty minutes into the show.‚Äč

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