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Live on Aug. 18—SUMMER HOURS—Starting at 8 p.m. Eastern. A break in the heat, a summer of discontent, a hideaway bunker, the meaningless definitions, the point of it all, the bloom off the rose, the blood on the tracks … … Continue reading

Live on Aug. 4—SUMMER HOURS—Starting at 8 p.m. Eastern, we have an answer and explanations to all of the problems that burden the living on this planet at this time. And we can explain them en toto within the time … Continue reading

Valeant Pharmaceuticals CEO J. Michael Pearson’s raison d’etre was and is TO MAKE MONEY! One easy way for him and his fellow corporados was to buy a company that produced life saving medications for people with the otherwise fatal Wilson’s … Continue reading

Dr. Andrew Woldar, PhD at Villanova University thoroughly perplexes host Thom Savino in this deeply interesting exploration of gravitation waves, gravity, and the LIGO experiment which revealed once and for all by detecting and recording for the first time gravitational … Continue reading

Host TJ Savino weaves the memories of a dark and dangerous time, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the fear that engulfed the world on the brink of nuclear destruction, with the comedy of Allan Sherman who at the time was … Continue reading

The Medium is the Message in this episode as psychic and spirit communicator Lorna Adams discusses her life as the “medium” through which many deceased souls have channeled their messages to surviving loved ones. Additionally, Lorna talks about the book … Continue reading

Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella reports on Carly Fiorina’s literal fall off an Indiana stage after introducing her boss-for-a week Ted Cruz at a campaign rally, then Sal reminds us that it is Cruz who would figuratively fall off the … Continue reading

Anchor Sal Monella’s report on Sen. Bernie Sanders reveals the candidate’s suggestion that Pussy Riot followers and Occupy Wall Street merge to form Occupy Pussy, and Volkswagen’s $5,000-an-owner settlement as compensation to the company’s deceitful emission’s practices and the departure … Continue reading

On the eve of the dreaded April 15, (2016) Savino Veritas characters Swami Salami, comedian Bill “The Bull” Testosteroni, and of course Veritas News anchor Sal Monella join host Thom Savino explore the roots of ​​our fear and hatred of … Continue reading

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Hear a great parody of David Letterman and Paul Shaffer debunking GMO proponents, then enjoy Savino’s take on a Letterman-esque staple with “The Top Ten Reasons Letterman Grew a Beard.” Picking from his personal “Gripe Vine,” the host selects a … Continue reading