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On the eve of Devin Nunes’ and President Trump’s infamous intelligence “memo” filled with cherry-picked facts designed to show bias against Trump and his team in regard to FBI’s investigation into Russian collusion, Savino Veritas plucks a few gripes of … Continue reading

Savino Veritas goes on furlough tonight in its satire-launched war against the oligarchic, kleptocratic, fascist, regime that killed our republic but, nevertheless, takes a stand with live stand up comedy, on stage, from North Hollywood, California’s The Federal. Enjoy this … Continue reading

“Spank this,” says the world to Donald Trump. Tonight’s Veritas travels the world over. Leaders of France, Mexico, Canada, Britain, and Australia join the ordinary citizens of Norway and German satirists who say, “No thanks” to King Con, President tRump. … Continue reading

Sal Monella reports the Veritas Noose covering Steve Bannon’s failed attempts at saving his White House job by starting a sloppy blowjob that Kellyanne Conway is called in to finish. Then host TJ Savino muses on just what is or … Continue reading

The irony of the Amtrak Cascade train wreck and the metaphoric similarities with the Trump-Train Wreck, both disasters on their inaugural runs, does not escape host TJ Savino in this show’s intro. But, then hilarity ensues with Savino Veritas satire. … Continue reading

‘Tis the season to be jolly . . .” apparently, as the gleeful host Thom Savino rejoices over three really big Resistance victories this week, and celebrates with some original Christmas parodies satirizing President Derelict Trump. But, the mood turns … Continue reading

Sal Monella goes bacterial with, “The TRUTH, the Half Truth, and nothing of the truth” reporting on Political Action Committees, or PACs. This time the animal kingdom fights back. The elephants formed PAChyderm and the bears: HiberNation to combat the … Continue reading

In keeping with Savino Veritas’ promise: “The TRUTH, the Half Truth, and nothing of the truth” host TJ Savino interviews independent counsel Robert Mueller’s “brother” legendary attorney Perry Mueller. In “Perry Mueller: The Case of Colossal Collusion” every word is, … Continue reading

Veritas News opens this episode with Sal Monella reporting on Alabamans’ memory lapses like Jeff Sessions’ forgetting collusion with Russians, Roy Moore forgetting sexual pedophilia, and Trump federal judge nominee Bret Talley forgetting the disqualification fact that his wife has … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to attractive, female robot Sophia recently and Sal Monella reports on all things “Botizen.” Then, in response to this week’s mass shooting, host TJ Savino analyzes – point by point – the despicable, nauseating National Rifle … Continue reading