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The difference in a person growing up in the ‘50s with a Generation-Y baby (‘00s) may not be as vast as some claim and any gap may be easily closed with more familiarity of media and digital technology. The Millennial … Continue reading

Dr. Karen Wyatt returns to discuss matters of death and how we can best deal with it when it touches our lives. Dr. Wyatt’s mother recently passed away and she had to face many of the emotional challenges she wrote … Continue reading

The digital age, where people still search for answers how to search. We take a look at the fascinating misuse of the search engine. You don’t search correctly. And The Supreme Court has upheld the act of reselling copyrighted material. … Continue reading

People question the accuracy of mystical experiences, as has been done in the past on this show with guests claiming they have time-traveled and faced the wrath of demons. What about these accounts? Former radio partner Thom Savino teams up … Continue reading

The first hour of the Feb. 28 show will be a satirical tribute to the origins of progressive-rock radio. In 1967 FM stations began to drop classical-music formats, replacing them with a hip, “meaningful music” soundscape where the DJ donned … Continue reading

He’s a mystic, a musician, a magician, a master of merriment, om bonami om, a mogul and a multi-talented male. He was the brain behind Casino Loot Productions, which launched one of the world’s most successful radio-personality joke-writing businesses. His … Continue reading

Big Jim does Barbie, the importance of hands, blepharoplasty, more about the We Vibe, TNT awards update, news about transgenders in Indonesia and Velvet answers a listener who asks if transsexuals have orgasms. Originally Aired July 14, 2012

Information overload is a serious problem for some people in the new millennium. People are going nuts thinking about all they read, hear, have to know, want to know and what is dished out to them in terms of business, … Continue reading

Pop culture can pelt the classics, as it has done with poetry. The rock lyric has been lifted to undeserving heights, disguising itself as poetry, especially to a spoiled generation that big-time marketers have fooled into believing the music was … Continue reading

Your Pocket Guru, William Paisley, makes his first appearance since the world ended or changed or whatever the world did in 2012. He has some news on applications, web businesses and, of course, how we can fuel and wind up … Continue reading