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The Artist D and Ann Marie share their unique perspectives on this week’s insurrection events. Have we dodged a complete coupe or only delayed the inevitable madness? Artist D discusses the Hitleresque parallels and Ann Marie cannot turn off CNN. … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie argue the benefits of ketchup and what foods it should cover. Thanksgiving’s favorite side dishes are discussed as our hosts review winning ballot questions across the country that are making positive changes. They love … Continue reading

In this week’s fresh cuppa our hosts discover that the victors really do try to rewrite history, right now in front of our very eyes! The barnyard wall is changing and the Mayor of Las Vegas has signed us up … Continue reading

Savino Veritas does the math and it all adds up: Trump is Crazy. Hear the Nine Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Fifty-Six Interesting Facts about the Election. Also, Stephen Colbert’s soft-spoken Energy Lady talks about, what else, “JOBS.” A … Continue reading

Thom Savino reworks an old Christmas classic transforming it into what might become mandatory signing into “Little Trumpet Boy.” Then Keegan Michael Key tries to put a smile on the blustery satirical “weather” forecast now that we’ve opted for leadership … Continue reading

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Joined by Veritas’ Hollywood corespondent and actor Zein Delgado and comedian/director Jeremy Long, T.J. explores the peculiarities of one of film’s most popular movies. Hear all three break into impromptu impersonations of Nicolas Cage (for no apparent reason whatsoever) and … Continue reading

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