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LIVE at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, Nov. 10, our host offers two subjects, including a classic Cotolo Chronicles broadcast section. On this night, though, listen to affirmation that the Hallelujah Trail has not been blocked or re-routed. Listen, as always, … Continue reading

Live on Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. EDT, Charles Dennis returns, bring with him the star of his play, Altman’s Last Stand, Michael Laskin. Also the author of one of the best books on acting, The Authentic Actor: The Art … Continue reading

The American Independence Day celebration declared freedom from the British Empire but the battle to make it reality would take a long time and many lives. More than two centuries later, individual independence continues to battle with traditional values and … Continue reading

What’s with all the hype over the recent detection of gravitational waves? Didn’t the apple that struck Isaac Newton on the noggin tell the complete story? Join Dr. Andrew Woldar, Thom Savino and the Bard of Broadcasting as they take … Continue reading

By popular demand, the Aug. 22 show, is a solo. The topic is sound, the Internet and you. Sound is a powerful form of data and the Internet is run on data. “The Web is still too quiet,” according to … Continue reading

The difference in a person growing up in the ‘50s with a Generation-Y baby (‘00s) may not be as vast as some claim and any gap may be easily closed with more familiarity of media and digital technology. The Millennial … Continue reading