Savino Veritas: Invisibilia

This week’s Savino Veritas starts off with five funny news headlines. The host Thom Savino pursues his hunch that Chris Christie’s falling off a chair was because the chair, like it was for cowardly Clint Eastwood, was filled with the invisible President Obama. An excerpt from Ralph Ellison’s novel The Invisible Man is read to illustrate Clint Eastwood’s racist vision of his “inner eye.” Finally, Savino comments on Part Two of Adam Curtis’ Century of Self documentary tracing Edward Bernays’ psychological manipulation of the fly-switching herd of humanity that transformed us into docile, “constantly moving happiness machines.”

This is Savino Veritas. Thomas J. Savino was heard weekly for a year-and-a-half on SRN One’s weekly live broadcast (and Juiced Talk favorite) of Cotolo Chronicles with Frank Cotolo! T.J. Savino also created, produced, wrote, directed, and co-host the 1970’s weekly syndicated comedy radio show Dead Air. More recently, T.J. Savino’s writings were feature in “The Los Angeles Times,” “The L.A. Daily News,” “The Burbank Leader,” “The Glendale News Press,” the Poly “Optimist,” “Brooklyn Today,” and many internet sites.

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