Savino Veritas: Dubois in the Hood (Nov 2, 2017)

Savino Veritas starts with Sal Monella and the Veritas News followed by a moment of Zen: Hucabee Sanders publicly revealing she does not know the difference between JFK and President Kennedy. Enjoy the Joy Reid GOP Slap Down “Bing, Bing, Bing” Game Show and please, act on Tom Steyers’ plea to join the millions calling for Trump’s impeachment. Relish in the comedic/musical interlude with the original song “Tiki Torch Nazis.” Veritas’ archives deliver a wonderfully frank statement about racism by Mohammed Ali. Most importantly, U.S. Senator (R) Jeff Flake of Arizona delivers what may turn out to be an historic speech against so-called president D. Trump and his fascist administration. Host T.J. Savino, inspired by Senator Flake, reads his letter about the speech published in the L.A. Times/Burbank Leader. Next, enjoy Kristin Bell’s “Pink Sourcing,” a satirical radio spot taking at jab at gender pay inequality extolling the advantages of hiring the lower-paid, nicer-smelling, weaker sex. On a serious note, Savino exposes the criminal corruption of the GOP that, this week, resulted in a law prohibiting us from suing banks even when they clearly rip us off, and the details of an unethical, possibly illegal contract with a two-man Montana energy company given $300 million dollars by Trump to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid.

Dubois in the Hood with Thom Savino

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