Savino Veritas: Downward Jerk (Feb 16, 2017)

SV opens tonight with “The Truth, the Half Truth, and Nothing of the Truth” as news anchor Sal Monella digs deep for scoops. Sal reports on Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ advice to Trump to avoid this weekend’s 2020 presidential campaign rally (no joke) in Melbourne, Florida thinking it wise for her boss to stay clear of Australians. Then, Monella reports on Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau’s offensive defense handshake with Trump as the young leader successfully implements a preemptive strike to avoid Trump’s arm pull and injury inflicting downward jerk. Then, over James Taylor’s “Shower the People with Love” Savino plays recordings of appreciative Valentine’s Day wishes including the now ironic gratitude of Vice President Pence’s expression of love toward the now thankfully departed General Mike Flynn. The ironic theme of love continues as Savino appraises the most despised man in America, 31 year-old twerp Stephen Miller senior White House policy advisor. Concluding the episode, Bill “The Bull” Testosteroni does, not one, but two stand up bits from a Brooklyn comedy club.​

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