Savino Veritas: If Walmart Could Vomit: Trump’s Inauguration (Jan 26, 2017)

In just the first six-and-a-half days of Herr Trump’s presidency, last week’s “Eve of Destruction” episode is turning out to be prophetic, as The Donald’s fascist kleptocracy sets out to destroy the republic. Sal Monella restricted by the reborn Hitlerian ​guidelines​ “reports” using alternative facts on what really happened at the inauguration​ (written by Alexandra Petri of the Washington Post)​. Billy Eichner escorts Stephen Colbert on a NYC street asking people what they’d like to say to Trump. Then Randy Rainbow bursts into a musical out of frustration with alternate facts while trying to get the truth from Kellyanne Conjob. Savino laments the demise of net neutrality thanks to Trump after both Republicans and Democrats won net neutrality pushing for it for years. Reading from the Women’s March in D.C., actress Ashley Judd performs “I Am A Nasty Woman” poem by 19 yr. old Tennessee poet Nina Donavan, before host Savino talks about real news reporting, the old Fairness Doctrine, and Dan Rather’s journalism course for the everyman (and woman).

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