Veritas’ News anchor Sal Monella returns reporting on Trump’s jealousy of the dead Cuban dictator Fidel Castro who’s getting too much attention and respect from the President Elect’s Russian love interest Vladimir Putin. Sal concludes with Herr Trump’s demands that Congress approve a bill forcing to delete the word “kleptocracy” from the dictionary. Keith Olbermann offer
​s​ a great rant from his GQ series “The Resistance” delineating Donald Trump’s mental illness. Then hear a painfully ironic audio cut of Congressman Keith Elison who is literally being laughed at on a TV news interview when suggesting over a year ago that Donald Trump could actually be the Republican party’s nominee for president. Following the black congressman, is a great monologue by​ ​ comedian Dave Chapelle as he returns to the spotlight doing stand up on Saturday Night Live. Host Savino shares some of his best liked Tweets in the online contest #NameAPenceMusical, and the “Master Race Record Offer” from the restored 1970’s Savino/Cotolo comedy show, Dead Air. The ever popular stand up comic Bill “The Bull” Testosteroni takes the stage again from Boffo’s in Brooklyn in a set that features Donald T-Rump’s cowardly backing off from dating a mobster’s daughter when the gangster threatens him. Actor Max Greenfield with Steven Colbert from the “Late Show” shares an ingenious satire in extended metaphor form. Finally, from Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal” TV show, Sarah Paulsen performs her one-woman show: “Hillary’s Emails: ‘Yes, I am up’,” dramatic readings of actual Clinton emails revealed through Wikileaks that truly show Hillary’s good-nature, and innocence.

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