Savino Veritas: Bank Shots

“The Fine ‘Whine’ of Select Gripes” picks from the gripe-vine this week banks too big to fail and income inequality. Savino looks at the effects of the Koch brother’s insurmountable influence over each of our lives since the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC​ ​ruling, the ruling which has so far allowed just 195 individuals to “donate” over $600,000,000 to our elected officials. “The Collapse of the American Dream” then educates us on the realities of the Federal Reserve Bank which most of us believe is a government-run entity. The little guy champion Senator Elizabeth Warren goes head to head and doesn’t back down an inch when she faces corrupted CNN TV “news” people who tr​y​ to shoot her down. Of course, as usual,Savino Veritas sprinkles the proceedings freely with satirical funnies from “Our Rich Friend,” “The Angry One Percent,” and Veritas’ own news anchor Sal Monella who explores the candidacy of orangutan presidential candidate Donald Trump as Monella reports The Donald will choose Koko the lesbian trans-species gorilla as his running​ mate​.

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