Savino Veritas: Food for Thought and Thought for Food

Savino Veritas: The Fine ‘Whine’ of Select Gripes selects America’s rightful gripe against the evil Monsanto corporation and the lies of the Biotech industry. Starting with a David Letterman-sound-alike bit “Letterman” counts down the Top Five Lies Biotech companies profess. Then real, non-biased scientists bust the top five Biotech myths. A U.K. propaganda expert reveals the top 3 ways corporados successfully deceive us and leaves her stunned audience members speechless and embarrassed. Then host TJ Savino sings his original song parody “Corporado” to lead into Natural News’ very funny bit based on the real General Mills’ cereal Total: Blueberry and Pomegranate (that contains no blueberries and no pomegranate). Hear a former proponent of GMOs now blow the whistles on biotech lies he once told. Finally, hear a teen’s original rap poem “Death Recipe” and the rap song “Let’s Say No to GMO” and learn practical and simple ways to identify GMO produce. All this starts with satirical newsman Sal Monella and Veritas News exposing the FIFA bribery scandal.

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