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But, mostly the dirty, as Steve Spacek rejoins Savino Veritas on the phone from Washington D.C. exposing, once again, the dirtiest, most toxic states and cities in the United States. Hear Steve talk about the 800 road deaths last year … Continue reading

Former CBS investigative journalist and now propaganda expert Sharyl Attkisson explores “fake grassroots” and what has increasingly become “paid for reality” before delving deeply into the roots of so-called “fake news.” Then in a satirical piece called “A Profile in … Continue reading

Zany chaos of the Casino Loot Production’s writers lead to arguments about a shoddy theme and Thom’s observation that Dead Air doesn’t have a sound effect for open heart surgery. Then “Wasteland Playhouse Presents: Magnet” a spoof on TV’s Dragnet. … Continue reading

Sal Monella reports on rumors that Trump’s silence on Russian cyber attacks on our country is a contest to out silence the poignant six-minute-twenty-second symbolic pause of Parkland Florida shooting survive made activist Emma Gonzalez. Fox so-called News is seen … Continue reading

Sal Monella reports on Pew Researches poll that shows Americans don’t care if President Derelict Trump is framed, as long as his head is stuffed and mounted. Host Savino talks about his love for Henry David Thoreau, “On Walden Pond,” … Continue reading

Not one, but two, two, two scoops in one. Veritas Noose Anchor Sal Monella reports not once, but twice this episode. Hear his reporting on Trump supporters who’ve kicked off the president’s 2020 campaign amidst the ever-increasing protests of The … Continue reading

Appropriately, the relentless, unstoppable, drive of the drums and bass of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” underscores the seemingly inevitable departure of Trumps disintegrating White House. This episode features the firing, refusal, resigning, and retiring of fifty top-level people … Continue reading

Host Thom Savino presides over this special, but light-hearted, preview of the 90th Academy Awards Presentation. Comedian/director Jeremy Long, and Savino Veritas Hollywood Correspondent Zein Delgado offer their insightful and knowledgeable commentary seasoned with the appropriate smattering of barbs sprinkled … Continue reading

Sal Monella returns with the Veritas Noose, reporting on the real cause of California’s smog: Devin Nunes’ bullshit. Then host TJ Savino tempers his Veritas gripes of wrath about Trump’s dumb-face living props standing behind him at “Hitlerian rallies” renewing … Continue reading

On the eve of Devin Nunes’ and President Trump’s infamous intelligence “memo” filled with cherry-picked facts designed to show bias against Trump and his team in regard to FBI’s investigation into Russian collusion, Savino Veritas plucks a few gripes of … Continue reading