Former CBS investigative journalist and now propaganda expert Sharyl Attkisson explores “fake grassroots” and what has increasingly become “paid for reality” before delving deeply into the roots of so-called “fake news.” Then in a satirical piece called “A Profile in Hypocrisy” Savino explores Fox-so-called-News’ two-faced journalism and the laughs are on the Republicons. The group XTC portrays man as “The Smartest Monkey” and provides tonight’s musical interlude. HBO’s John Oliver illustrates the real danger to democracy: Sinclair Media, then SV host amplifies that horror by reading a clause in the Sinclair journalists’ employment contract which mandates the employee pay to employer 40% of his or her income if the employee quits. Finally, thanks to Rob Reiner’s Committee to Investigate Russia former CIA director John Brennan and former DNI director John Clapper voice the facts and air their fear around Russia’s continued attack against America.


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