​Thom wins the Nifty Shoe contest and the Friendly Mailman delivers a “parcel” of six-hundred pairs of size 6 shoes. On this week’s Wasteland Playhouse Lieutenant Rodumbo solves “The Rock Star Murders,” followed by Mel & Collie Babie’s Collie Baby solving a “crime” that isn’t in “Strange Footprints.” As if Thom’s shoe delivery weren’t enough to drive Frank crazy, Thom implements an idea to sell the shoes a half-a-pair at a time at half price, only to succeed when twenty peg-legged men needing size six shoes enter to take him up on it, much to Frank’s amazement. Prudence Purity breaks in to complain about inclusion of peg legged men on the show, noting the network’s code against broadcasting shows on topics “below the belt.” Dead Air’s resident poet Rod McCrutchen recites his “Toot-Toot-Tootsie, Goodbye” poem, then Mike Solace with 60 Seconds discusses “Feet.” Complying with the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine, Robert Fornworthy of the American Shoe Industry appears in the interest of Equal Time, followed by a Hollywood film producer who comes in and buys every last pair of size six shoes. Finally, The Clock on the Wall tells us it’s “time to go.”

Also, featuring Frank & Laura Grassi.

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