In this episode ​Frank reveals to Thom and Dead Air listeners his, (you guessed it), fear of flying. Johnny Cash sings the theme to a regular segment called “The Liberty Train” and this episode’s segment features an interview with Kelly Sandstorm chairman of the Dunnwiddie, USA Bicentennial Committee. To cure Frank’s phobia Thom engages the expertise of Dr. Linbergh a hypnotist. Broadcast Censor Prudence Purity crashes the show complaining about the guys use of the word “orgasm,” just before Short Don Rebel interviews Mort Jacob a trans-Atlantic “balloon” pilot. In a semi-regular segment called “You Had to Be There” host Bob Krunootz interviews Milton Wall, toll collector at the Golden Gate Bridge. Then poet Rod McCrutchen reads his poem “Apple of My Eye.” The finale features Thom’s heart-felt appeal to the Dead Air audience for a mass, national sneeze, on cue, (a la Peter Pan’s “if you believe clap” remedy) to get Frank out of hypnosis and onto Cotolo’s ​flight​ to Australia.

Also featuring Frank & Laura Grassi.

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