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Starting with satirical news, host TJ Savino morphs this week’s veritas into a short tribute to Jon Stewart followed by Russell Brands TREWS spot supporting belief in God. Then Alan Watts talks about our true nature. Savino ends the show … Continue reading

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Again, our last show of the calendar year presents the exclusive Roll Call from the Bone Garden with our host and The Artist D, co-host. The particular pair will read the roll of 2014 deceased celebrities from all theaters of … Continue reading

The first hour of the Feb. 28 show will be a satirical tribute to the origins of progressive-rock radio. In 1967 FM stations began to drop classical-music formats, replacing them with a hip, “meaningful music” soundscape where the DJ donned … Continue reading

The Artist D co-hosts the annual, traditional Roll Call from the Bone Garden, our exclusive review of deceased celebrities of 2012 from all walks of life. A verbal celebration of those who will never walk among us again includes personal … Continue reading