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LIVE, Thursday, Dec. 26, LIVE at 9 p.m. — The last Thursday of a year, in this case 2019, features the annual roll call of the dead and gone, those who have left their mortal coil. Our host and The … Continue reading

The last Thursday of the year is always a memorable memorial of remembrance. Join us at 9 p.m. from out new port, no matter your device. The Artist D joins host Frank Cotolo for another stroll through the Bone Garden. … Continue reading

LIVE, Thursday, Dec. 28 at 9 p.m. Eastern, it’s the umpteenth annual Roll Call From The Bone Garden, with our host and his inimitable partner-in-praise of the passed on, the Artist D. Celebrities from every walk of profession that left … Continue reading

LIVE, Thursday, June 29 at 9 p.m. EST, A mixture of monologues concerning ‘things’ that can kill you, ordinary things we all love to use, things that can make our lives easier and easily end them as well, and much … Continue reading

Dr. Gary Popoli returns to the show with the latest evidence that further attempts to explain our persnickety behavior from birth until death. It’s always a spirited conversation with the master psychologist and with the current semester coming to a … Continue reading

Again, our last show of the calendar year presents the exclusive Roll Call from the Bone Garden with our host and The Artist D, co-host. The particular pair will read the roll of 2014 deceased celebrities from all theaters of … Continue reading

Dr. Karen Wyatt, whose work with end-of-life patients is documented in her book, What Really Matters, has been on this show twice before to discuss self-analysis and suicide. Her return on Oct. 23’s show is timely, as she discusses “death … Continue reading

“So Eden sank to grief/So dawn goes down to day/Nothing gold can stay,” wrote Robert Frost as he courageously looked at life. As the standup comic dies on stage and the best melody ever written goes unheard, none of us … Continue reading

The Artist D partners again with our host for one of the liveliest shows of the year, if you will excuse the expression. Those celebrities from all walks of life that have left their mortal shells are listed from January … Continue reading

Dr. Karen Wyatt returns to discuss matters of death and how we can best deal with it when it touches our lives. Dr. Wyatt’s mother recently passed away and she had to face many of the emotional challenges she wrote … Continue reading