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The Artist D & Ann Marie think people act pretty strange. From those who think the political debate are great to others who get offended at a dominatrix walking her pup. Our hosts discuss the top killer of birds, cages … Continue reading

Deep Fakes appear throughout history and we’ve in fact been raised on a Fake Education, from a rampaging Columbus to an airbrushed Abe Lincoln! The Artist D & Ann Marie look into the horrors of deep fake pornography and the … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie debate the latest vice presidential debate in the US. D explains why people can’t handle the truth even if they thought they could. The Green New Deal, Fracking, Textualism, and Originalism are investigated. A … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie learn the dangers of the wet leaf while looking at all the national days of today including Boyfriend Day, Leaf Day, and Virus Appreciation Day. Who is your imaginary boyfriend that you’d like to … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie discuss the iceberg of civil rights in America. There’s a lot below the surface that no one is paying any attention to. This show features an analysis of the Breonna Taylor case. Leading to … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie need a vacation, but they can’t leave the Kawfeehaus! It’s their 50th episode and they spend it reflecting on all things 2020. This week has been a crash bang wallop all in the shadow … Continue reading

The Artist D and Ann Marie celebrate Video Game Day with a look at the top video games of our time. It’s a nice autumn day out, Artist D has perfected his pumpkin spice latte recipe, and the west coast … Continue reading

It’s back to school and what a better time to discuss GenZ than after Artist D has finished reading iGen. Some interesting observations abound about this very safe almost pilgrim-like generation. Ann Marie can’t wait for fall and really wants … Continue reading

A mouthy housewife and an artist walk into a coffee house to talk about Cardi B’s WAP and all the sex songs that came before it. Our hosts reflect upon Republican and Conservative values, the DNC vs. RNC, polyamorous relationships, … Continue reading

Careful, your statistician is showing! The Artist D and Ann Marie review the bubbles within the bubbles. How many people are you really addressing (and letting influence you) on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? Artist D delves into some fascinating new … Continue reading