Up! All Night with Artist D & Ann Marie: Selfie Sticks and Bernoulli Disks

On tonight’s Up! All Night with Artist D & Ann Marie the crew reflects on D’s latest beach romp. Who do you like better, seals or humans? The answer should be easy. What has happened to men’s clothing and why are they wearing pink shoes? Selfie sticks enter the conversation and D thinks they completely emasculate a person’s bravado. Then again Artist D and Ann Marie may be kind of jealous. Get out your Bernoulli Disks and get ready to back up all 20 megabytes of your data! Is the internet dooming us to a digital dark ages? Vint Cerf weighs in. All that and another installment of I CANT where our dynamic duo discuss a husband who has had his penis chopped off twice and then eaten by a dog! That’s ruff.

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