Up! All Night with Artist D & Ann Marie: Burns Supper

The Haggis is flying for this Burns Supper celebration on Up! All Night with Artist D & Ann Marie. Who was Robert Burns and what is this celebration about? Informal rave-ups of drunkards and louts? Sounds like our hosts kind of party. Artist D would like to inform the impoverished about the digital antenna and Ann Marie may be amaxohydraclaustrophobia but will still take the car to the be washed if there is blood on the windshield. Rated Number 1 on FC Radio for Best Chemistry and Most Laughs you’ll want to tune in for #bloodonthehood #iwanttobeacoffeetable #HaggisIsAss #HandyorBlowy And screw earth! PLUS: This weeks “I CANT” features butt plugs for your pet. #catsdiscoballs What?!

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