Up! All Night with Artist D & Ann Marie: Getting to Know Ourselves

In the pilot episode of Up! All Night the Artist D & Ann Marie get to know themselves and each other. Learn about your hosts with the mosts and what they intend to serve you on a weekly basis. Comedic, invigorating and inspirational are just a few words that come to mind. Have you an obsession with cream eggs? Do you have a problem with chimps at the zoo? Hear from two co-creators of Fourculture Magazine and strap in for another lovely trip down to the asylum. It’s underground art and talk at its finest!

Brought to you by Fourculture Magazine and broadcasting LIVE on FC Radio every Saturday at 5 PM EST. Learn more about Artist D & Ann Marie at Fourculture.com. Pick up a copy of D’s book In Bed with Myself for your Amazon Kindle at TheArtistD.com to learn about the early days of Internet super stardom.