The Fabulous D Show: Scooter Laforge’s Artistic Explosion

The Artist D welcomes the artistic explosion (or orgasm) Scooter Laforge. This show will be a complete pleasure for your eardrums as Artist D & Scooter discuss the therapy of cartoons. Heman makes them hot. Dive into the underground of true art learning about Scooters roots in Las Cruces New Mexico and his road to New York City. A clothing line at Patricia Field and monsters at Barneys! Scooter will forever be known as that guy who painted that other guy sucking his own cock … and so much more. Tune into this severely correct episode that includes mucho amor for Scooter. Additional love for the gorgeous Anna Matronic, Debbie Harry, Brett Gleason and Walt Cessna is mentioned artist to artist. Tune in, chill out, seriously!

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