Artist D’s Fabulous Show: Robotic Satanic Porno

The Artist D returns (again and again) to season 3 of his Fabulous Show in a soothing mixture of terrestrial and extraterrestrial formats. Vanilla Child joins as the two make tribute to the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Artist D shares why he’s totally off of YouTube. He also brings us a taste of the future where we’ll be working with robots, nice robots but still robots! Satanic discussion ensues about the latest American Horror Story and the sad state of Satanic affairs. This is our plea to you, Cody Fern, to dedicate yourself to Satanic Pornos for the rest of time. All that and more, including Dylan Sprouse’s penis, on this a return to the Good Old Days.

Hosted by The Artist D! Bringing you word from the true underground. Think it’s dead? Dig a new trench and make a new underground! Artist D is a relic from the cam show age before social networking was a network, advocate for the rights of the underground, author, painter, columnist, raconteur, provocateur. Executive editor of Fourculture Magazine, host of many podcasts and the Fourthought Livestream.

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