Artist D’s Fabulous Show: The Perception of Free Speech

Free speech and the discrimination of it. A show about the importance of understanding other people’s perceptions. Important talking points no matter if you are left, right, middle, alt, queer or a lizard person. The Artist explains the importance of stepping back, reading alternative and subversive literature, taking heed to History. Many topics are unearthed including the persecution of Milo Yiannopoulos and taking other people’s perceptions too personally. A guide is provided to finding the good from the bad and all of the abuse we have suffered. Are you speaking instead of listening? Are you speaking uselessly? Is there any point to your weeping? Turn it all around and find the silver lining on this and every Fabulous Show by The Artist D.

Storytelling key points within this show include Milo Yiannopoulos, Donald Trump, Armond Degeo, Jessie Kitty, Carrie Fisher, Simon and Schuster Autobiographers.

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Graphics by Ann Marie
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