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Author Stephen Schochet, professional tour guide in Hollywood, has collected many little-known, humorous anecdotes about celebrities to tell to his customers. His new book Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of the Movies! contains timeless vignettes … Continue reading

More toys, roller skates and tobogganing, the adams apple, the scar, the pain, the satisfying Tantus Little Secret, never too late to come out, and Velvet answers a teenager’s question about breast augmentation. Originally Aired July 28, 2012

It’s time for another Thom Savino appearance and this time Thom has something serious on his mind. The question may be how to keep his former partner, our host, from turning it into a Hope-and-Crosby dialogue. Inspired by the author, … Continue reading

Here’s a type of show we have not done in a while, one with your host and only your host and a host of thoughts, recollections, emotions and perculiar ponderings that can take any direction at any time and find … Continue reading

Jonathan Geffner, virtuoso ventriloquist, returns to the show to talk about his life with Shmendrik, Yosi and other partners that entertain kids and adults. He will also talk about his Kickstarter campaign to fund a movie featuring two of his … Continue reading

Few people wreak retro like Brock LaRobb. Author, journalist and opinionated pop culture and politics buff, LaRobb returns from a long hiatus to the show and arrives with no shortage of personal perspectives about yesterday versus today. Brought to you … Continue reading

Dylan Thomas stumbling out of the White Horse Tavern, Mary McCarthy sleeping with three men in one day, Norman Mailer getting into brawls, Thom Savino scraping Frank Cotolo off the Coney Island sidewalk where he lay in a drunken stupor. … Continue reading

The summer menu of major motion pictures has been released. So what may be worth a trip to the theater, what may be prepared to stink up every screen and what can we expect from Hollywood in the trying times … Continue reading

What greatness is hidden inside of rotten movies? What terrific acting and magnificent storytelling comes from the weirdest celluloid productions? Join us as we visit Mondo Heather, talking with Heather Drain, pop culture’s queen of the B-C-D and F-movie archives. … Continue reading

It’s time for another Savino-Cotolo show, featuring the former team of Thom and Frank. This month the boys talk about jokes, something that has riddled their past, so to speak. The authors of Humorettes and Topical Paradise, two of radio’s … Continue reading