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Sal Monella goes bacterial with, “The TRUTH, the Half Truth, and nothing of the truth” reporting on Political Action Committees, or PACs. This time the animal kingdom fights back. The elephants formed PAChyderm and the bears: HiberNation to combat the … Continue reading

In keeping with Savino Veritas’ promise: “The TRUTH, the Half Truth, and nothing of the truth” host TJ Savino interviews independent counsel Robert Mueller’s “brother” legendary attorney Perry Mueller. In “Perry Mueller: The Case of Colossal Collusion” every word is, … Continue reading

Veritas News opens this episode with Sal Monella reporting on Alabamans’ memory lapses like Jeff Sessions’ forgetting collusion with Russians, Roy Moore forgetting sexual pedophilia, and Trump federal judge nominee Bret Talley forgetting the disqualification fact that his wife has … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to attractive, female robot Sophia recently and Sal Monella reports on all things “Botizen.” Then, in response to this week’s mass shooting, host TJ Savino analyzes – point by point – the despicable, nauseating National Rifle … Continue reading

Savino Veritas starts with Sal Monella and the Veritas News followed by a moment of Zen: Hucabee Sanders publicly revealing she does not know the difference between JFK and President Kennedy. Enjoy the Joy Reid GOP Slap Down “Bing, Bing, … Continue reading

Veritas’ news anchor Sal Monella reports on gun violence in America before host TJ Savino embarks on the narrative talking about his Father’s Day heart attack and sharing his letter to the L.A. Times regarding California legislation. An article about … Continue reading

The song “Wild Thing” underscores the absurdly long list of Russian “things” that frame the Trump administration and his ​presidential ​campaign and the bizarre and mafia-like reminder about “that thing” between them ​about which ​th​e​ former FBI director Comey testified … Continue reading

“The TRUTH, the Half Truth, and nothing of the truth” news anchor Sal Monella reports on the FBI arrest of nineteen Mafiosi members of the infamous NY Covfefe crime family, and Trump’s ironic timing, today, of cutting funding for women’s … Continue reading

Host TJ Savino introduces L.A. comedian Jeremy Long with two classics of Americana: Abbott & Costello, and baseball as A & C do their famous “Who’s On First” routine. Then hear Jeremy hit the stage at North Hollywood’s The Federal … Continue reading

In Savino’s second attempt at ivestigative reporting, the host calls the Campbell’s corporation to vet their GMO labeling claims. The call not only gets results, but an impromptu original song “Getting Old on Hold.” Then Veritas shoots the sheriff (satirically, … Continue reading